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           Welcome to the =K(L)M= Clan, one of the newest clans in the mohaa community, which is dedicated to a game that's already dead, due to GameSpy's Closure on the 31st of may! =K(L)M= was born in january, 2013, and Stands for "Koninklijke-familie der Langlevende Moh", which literally means "The Royal family of the Long living Moh". we'll try to keep that game alive for as long as possible! || The clan's HeadQuarters is located in The Netherlands. The clan has bunch of awesome people mostly from all over Europe, and the rest of the world. We consider ourselves as a family, as we do enjoy ourselves with a laugh on teamspeak, and having a good time on our forums and Servers. Meaning that we don't go all out for the win/score. And that's what makes us different. || Is that the kind of clan you're looking for? then you're on the right place. Would you like to be a part of our familly? you're more than welcome, Just write an application in our Forum's recruitments section. Have fun on our servers and enjoy your stay at our new website!

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    KLM forums secured with SSL & KLM shoutbox limited to forum members

         Although it has always been secure to browse our forums, we decided it is time to maximize our security, since it's possible to do so. We have certified our website with an SSL certificate from a trusted authority. From now on, you will be automatially redirected to a secure connection to our forum; that means your IP's and passwords are guarenteed to be secure to travel over the internet. The green sitelock should now be visible to you on your browser. The shoutbox has also been limited to forum users. That means, you need to be registered and logged in to our forum, in order to be able to post anything on the shoutbox. This gives us the ablility to easliy manage the shoutbox (Name colors are now automatic), as well as avoid unwanted spammers.

    Google Ads. New KLM recruitment system!

         EFFECTIVE AUGUST 30, 2015, NEW KLM RECRUITMENT SYSTEM APPLIES. Our recruitment system has been completely overhauled. Please read the updated version of our recruitment system by clicking here. We have also set up the subdomin "join.klm-clan.com" to point out to this topic. So for instance, you are inviting a player from the public server to join KLM, just give them the address join.klm-clan.com

    New website!

         Welcome to the new website. This webpage is self-created and designed to run smoothly, with least resource usage. Less costs + more efficiency = A step further. - From an engineer's perspective.

    The K2LAM Server

         K2LAM is a combination of KLM and 2A, and represents the merger of our public servers. A few months back (March 2015), The 2A and KLM administration teams decided on merging their public servers, in an effort to keep our beloved countdown alive. The merger seems to be a success so far! The K2LAM server is set to switch mods and host-name at 06:00 in the morning, on a daily basis, while sharing the same IP ( The server is cheat-protected by MoHAAS.net, and not to mention the efforts of our members, that are striving to keep the server clean. Both clans are still independent when it comes to recruiting, forums, etc. The K2LAM is only about the public server.